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There have been treasures found inside the outhouse, and beneath the wooden thrones.

One individual located an old metal container fastened beneath the throne, held there by a few nails and a metal strip.

Husbands and wives many times never told their spouse that they buried a cache beneath the old oak tree.Then think about how many of those old homes have a treasure lurking on it’s property. Pandozzi is an author, TV Producer and well known treasure hunter.All you need to do is ask for permission from the owner to search the property. He began his “treasure hunting” days twenty-five years ago metal detecting parks and schoolyards.Of course you will tell them that any buried treasure you may find, will be shared with them. Today Frank Pandozzi is the Producer and the host of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series. A metal detector is a useful tool for locating buried treasure. A good detector costs between three hundred and four hundred dollars. It was common for those individuals to bury their valuables for safekeeping.

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