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When we think of book smart intelligence, we also think of many of the traits that often accompany intelligence.Intelligence and success are very attractive to most.Further, a dramatic relationship drains you of energy and ends in ruins, whereas a passionate one creates energy for both and hopefully ends in a fulfilling, sex and laughter filled relationship.So, to say that men are “threatened” by intelligent women is misleading and meant to ruffle men’s feathers because of course they are not.Not all, but many men are only comfortable when they can have the last word.

Not only is intelligence multi-faceted, but also intelligence can’t be isolated as a singular trait.

Men can profess all day that they love intelligent women, but when I watch my smart, educated, successful and very attractive friends struggle with dating, I am suspicious.

So, whenever something appears to be true but receives adamant denial, I know that the problem is typically the way we are thinking about it and describing it due to societal hang-ups and an inaccurate view of ourselves.

When the Hollywood actor married human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, he made all the right noises: “It’s good to surround yourself with anyone who is smarter than you,” he said, “and for me the bar’s pretty low, anyway.

Amal is way up there.” For those specimens not quite in the Clooney league, the prospect of being overshadowed by a partner is intolerable.

Tension is defined as a feeling of nervousness and excitement.

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