High end dating service los angeles


For the record: "We don't actually believe in the rule! so she typically has some client and date updates from the night before.

Considering we’re both talkers, this call usually goes longer than I actually have time for, but c’est la vie.

Our goals and hopes; our political views and how we feel about raising families; these are far more important than whether or not we enjoy candlelit dinners.

I might meet 10 potential matches before I send over one match to my client. Since we’re headquartered here in LA, a lot of my matchmakers also take their meetings in the office, so I’ll sit in and shadow those and then powwow with the matchmakers after to collaborate on matching each of our clients.

Some of the week, I am back on mom duty ― dinner, bath time and bedtime with my husband and kids. I’m always out and about trying to meet great matches for my clients.

It doesn’t happen every day but I do notice that on the days I make time for exercise, I feel so much better in every way.

Between kids and work, I don’t have much time for workout classes so buying a Peloton bike was the best investment I ever made.

Safe to say I don’t live your average “married with kids” life.

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