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Yet as usual, this study advocates that "male circumcision should be seriously considered as an intervention to slow the spread of HIV-1 in uncircumcised populations".It is hard to escape the conclusion that this line was written before the study began.Were any of these men circumcised for religious reasons?Factors like that might selectively influence their behaviour, putting them at less risk.] Templeton was quick to note, however, Thats only 9 percent of all HIV infections overall that can be attributed to being uncircumcised, not enough to advocate throwing out condoms or advocating widespread circumcision.The media was reporting what it heard from scientists [about cold fusion].Only a tiny fraction of all scientific research is ever covered by the popular media, however, and most scientists go through their entire career without once encountering a reporter.

That's pathetically few to be drawing any statistical conclusions from, and then only of correlation, not causation.I'm a fun, loving, great sense of humor Kind of guy I'm very outgoing And a nice person to be around with , A smile is definitely always on my Face !! "Scientists have power by virtue of the respect commanded by the discipline.David Templeton from the National Center for HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research in Sydney.He went on to note, however, Most HIV infections are contracted in the receptive role, so what were talking about is a risk reduction for a small group of men who didnt have a huge risk in the first place.(Equal proportions of both groups, 10-11%, had been with one or two sex workers.) These factors could well account for the difference. The authors maintain that "because participants did not know their HIV-1 status at the time of our visit, bias from this source would seem unlikely." But many would know their HIV-1 status because of AIDS symptoms. There are thus unknown ways in which men might non-randomly "include themselves out".

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