Healthy dating boundaries

)Enforcing boundaries in your relationship also means honoring those qualities that make each of you oh-so-unique.Sure, compromise is definitely important, as well as learning how to work together as a team—but taking pride in your own unique interests is just as critical, and not to mention, super attractive.Perhaps because he is a brilliant psychotherapist they felt more compelled to confess their neuroses---and perhaps this is also why he was so turned off.However, in my practice I see that over-sharing is a very common dating faux pas.I recently attended a professional networking event and was happy to meet a sharply dressed, attractive woman with a bright smile and impressive credentials.Within five minutes she told me extremely personal details of her dating disasters, abusive relationship history, financial troubles, fertility challenges and zealous religious views.Think of it as the Goldilocks approach—you'll constantly need to ask what "just right" means for you—without getting caught up as those romance-induced chemicals hijack your brain.

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Sorry—there's no magic formula, but one of the best ways to increase your chances at scoring a healthy and thriving relationship is to establish boundaries.

After reading about the importance of boundaries, she was much more strict about her time in her next relationship.

(The new guy was cool with waiting for the texts—so cool that he actually proposed!

It's tempting to throw your hobbies and interests out the window when you start falling in love, but if you're investing all your time encouraging his hobbies and passions, your own will suffer and you will feel drained and unloved.

For example, in one of my clients' relationships, she went out of her way to take an interest in her boyfriend’s hobbies, fully expecting him to do the same.

Because of this, she told me, “I’d never voice my wants." By not telling him of her needs, she basically was telling him she didn't needs; and he proceeded to act accordingly.

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