Handsome devil dating tips

At the moment I use from the German brand Bruno Banani, but I am planning on experimenting with pheromone perfumes. Just find one that represents your personality and that smells good.Oh, and listening to this guy’s advice is also not the worst thing you can do: Do you want to know how to look more handsome?There is a huge difference between having hair and having a hair style.It took me quite a few years to understand this difference, but eventually I figured it out.

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While I know some guys who simply spray deodorant on every inch of their clothes, I prefer to use a decent perfume to show the ladies that I care about myself and about how they perceive me.Not only are most of the expensive brand deodorants deadly (just type “deodorant aluminum” into Google), they also don’t work.I tried every expensive brand on the planet and none of them helped me to not stink.The bullying got even worse when Justin Bieber got famous and he had the same damn haircut. I would look like a giant baby if I would have very short hair and Bruce Willis would probably look like a retard if he would have my hairstyle. I am talking about the forest that you have in your face.With 22 years I had finally enough of the Beatles and the Bieber jokes. It was time to get a haircut that looked good, that made my face look older and that was in alignment with my personality. If you don’t feel handsome, it might be because your hair looks like a mess. If you really want to learn how to look more handsome, you have to be willing to shave your beard.Don’t just take your tooth brush and rub over them for two seconds.

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