Google latitude friends not updating


But research continues, and perhaps someday material like this will become a reality.If and when it does, then perhaps I’ll restart this blog.Make sure that your institution or office is not using the same DNS which you’re going to use.Once you change the DNS Server, you can get into the Facebook.Today marks nine full years that I’ve been hosting and authoring the Space Elevator Blog and I’m going to call it quits, at least for the time being.

If you are Facebook addicted like me, you must have tried some methods to open Facebook when it is blocked by the administrator.

Sometime the computer admin can edit the hosts file to block Facebook.

He/she adds the website domain name to the block list in host file.

Here are some tricks by which you can get on Facebook from a fire-walled network.

It is impossible to guess about how your network admin as blocked Facebook behind a Firewall.

It is somehow frustrating if you’re fully out of reach from your friends, family or colleagues because you can’t open Facebook when it is blocked by server or due to a blocking firewall from the network administrator of the organization.

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