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Best, Sijin I have turned off all the battery saving function but it still doesn't refresh. The widget responds to clicks on the dropdown to select another list but the new list isn't loaded if I select a different list. Everything was fine until my recent upgrade to Android 8 (stock firmware, I'm not doing any fancy or hackish things here).

I can also select shown entries and they are shown in the App (some are in a different state because I have already completed them but I can access them via the widget). Furthermore I allowed the app to the ignore battery optimisation list Same issue here on Honor 9.

We tried to download a copy but all attempts (more than 20) ended prematurely, the largest file being 32MB out of 57.4MB before the download ended abruptly.

It reminded us of the good old days of dial-up trying to get the latest Mac OS update.

Download the latest version from here and install it on your Dashboard.

Sometimes the widget will not refresh when Wunderlist app is killed from the background. Best, Sijin Hi Henry, Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried to remove the widget and put it on desktop again, it works for about 5 mins then it stops refreshing again I have the same problem with an Honor 9 phone (Android 8.0.0). Now, the wunderlist widget does not refresh the list if I add an item or I check one.Opens the built-in store where you can purchase your license.Parallels released the final build (3186) of Desktop for Mac v2.5 after a lengthy public beta program. Desktop for Mac allows one to run Windows, including the latest Vista, on an Intel-based Mac without shutting down the Mac and restarting in Windows like Apple's Boot Camp beta requires.To manually update the data just click the reload button.You'll find more helpful controls on the Widget's backside.I have recently switched my phone to a Huawei mate 10 pro, the app itself is working fine but the widget doesn't refresh itself therefore doesn't show new tasks or hide the finished tasks. To me, this sounds like an incompatibility bug with Android 8. I'm currently experiencing a similar issue with my Huawei p10.

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