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On Animal Jam, you can create and customize your characters and adopt pets.

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Choose your mood today and according to it you'll get a princess to get inspired from ...

The big day is coming and our princess needs to look flawless because she is the next bride featured on the cover of a famous magazine! Play Gigi And Kendall Fashionistas and help these two celebrity friends find the perfect looks for a very busy day! Use your imagination, cut her hair, color it, straighten it or curl it. Olivia always dreamed of a getaway at an awesome summer music festival.

Try on stunning wedding dresses, veils and shoes, you can eve... Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been best friends for a long time now and as s... She found this super old and run down van to take her there, but she needs your help to fix it! Are you ready for summer, are you ready for the beach? Saying almost, because they need one more thing so they can walk down there and have the fun of their ...

Barbie has been invited for a cocktail party with a retro theme and she is so excited! But not just in the soccer world there is a competition. Elsa, Tiana, Anna and Merida are trowing a party only for girls! Play this amazing game named Kendalls Summer Fun and join this celebrity on a busy warm day! She is feeling heartbroken because Ken leaves her but it is the time for her to get up on her feet again. Barbie is a talented fashion designer and she loves her job!

The fashionista loves the 50's style and she can't wait to look like one of those pinup girls! They have missed so much getting together and doing girly stuff, so it's time to start this summer with a special gathering. A true fashionista must have a huge collection of clothes and Barbie has collected all that she ever bought and wore. Kendall's schedule is always packed and this summer is no different. She has been asked to design and create a line of uniforms for several job types.

Barbie can't wait to start working on this new project...

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