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Many harassers – including Dustin Hoffman and Al Franken – framed their behavior as pranks and jokes. One night, instead of just caressing her inner thighs, he flipped her slip over her head – exposing her breasts to the crew who he’d called over to witness his gag.

And what jokester could resist the opportunity to cup someone’s breast during a photograph, then pull it away before she had a chance to react?

The sext to a consenting partner that went to the wrong IM window, the person who read the moment wrong and tried to kiss someone who wasn’t feeling it…

even somebody who reached out and accidentally brushed against someone’s junk.

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Touching Rossetter’s inner thighs during a performance wasn’t a game the two were playing – it was an established, powerful actor taking advantage of someone when she couldn’t react.Being a klutz or having really unfortunate timing isn’t leaving people branded with a scarlet H.Now, there are undoubtedly times when people have fucked up in incredibly mortifying ways.By being so sensitive – so the argument goes – we run the risk of killing romance entirely.How can you ask somebody out on a date when women are so uptight?People as diverse as British MPs and Hollywood actors have all begun to speak up about how we may be going too far, while Fox News worries that sexual harassment claims may spoil the office Christmas party. So let’s talk a little about how one can flirt in a post Weinstein world.

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