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I still think he has missed a trick or two and should concentrate now on some extra pedestrian crossings that turn red immediately and have no synchronization with any other lights. No disipline at home- no disipline at school- no disipline in life anymore.

You must have disipline otherwise you have anarchy.

We need to get back to how things were in the fifties with disipline at school but I know my reasoning will fall on your deaf ears because its seems that anyone who gets near the truth or a bit contraversial on your programme, you cut them off pretty quickly. I have been asked to take part in an plaque unveiling ceremony at my old boarding school in Hants.

After the last snow fall in febuary 09 I fail to understand why a decision was made by R B C to remove 30 of the 70 grit bins distributed in the Reading area.

I love observational comedy like Jasper Carrott and Harry Hill and I also think Jonathan Ross is really funny.""There are too many to choose from, but it's probably presenting part of my show from the payphone at Tescos in Newbury.

I was following the radio car to an outside broadcast from a listener's house and lost it half way along on the M4.

I also worked at the tax office for a while.""I love seventies disco and some of the new jazz artists like Renee Olstead and Michael Buble.

But my favourite piece of music is the Agnus Dei from Gabriel Faure's Requiem Mass.

I have been working in an envoirement which for the last two weeks has had no heating, and after speaking to management yesterday, there is in no certainty of when this situation will be fixed..are still in for an incredibly cold spell.. Management have told us to wrap up as much as possible, but we are not aloud to wear extra outer clothing such as scarves or coats. Hi Andrew enjoy the prog while having Breakfast every day.

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