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More on the link between autism and transgender, with a few more studies than I’d seen before.

Although only 5-10% of autistics have gender dysphoria, up to 25%-50% of transgender people may be autistic.

I’d love to hear your concrete predictions about how the world will be worse as a result of the repeal of net neutrality.

I’m willing to spend at least a thousand dollars betting on this topic.” Bay Area politicians die as they live: causing delays for local commuters.

Interesting take on cultural evolution including a micro-review of new James Scott book.

Some rare good news: the grad student waiver tax will not be in the final tax bill.

Percent of people in different countries on who think life is better vs. This article purports to rank all generals and prove that Napoleon was the best.

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Key quote: “Neither variability in competence nor adherence [to the principles of the therapy involved] was related to patient outcome…extent of training might also not be relevant to outcome.” Magic cards with @dril quotes as text.“John the Chinese laundry man was the laughingstock of Weaverville, California.For months he washed the Anglo miners’ clothes and never charged a penny for his services.But a year later one of the miners came across John wearing fine clothes in Sacramento.He had washed enough gold dust out of pants cuffs and shirttails to set himself up for life.” Common vs.Sam Altman on the increasingly repressive climate in the Bay Area; makes some of the same points as my article about Kolmogorov complicity, but better, and with more personal experience. Related: GSS survey data shows high IQ predicts “free speech absolutism”.

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