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We connect you to live cam to cam chat with strangers, making it easier than ever for you to meet new people online.A project I am working on now tells me that my own OSR witch books have 700 unique spells. Someone that is other the authors of these games and books. But that is an accident, what about doing that on purpose. Take a look at my witch (not important that it is a witch just yet) spell "Moonstone". Moonstone Level: Witch 1 Range: Touch Duration: 1 day per witch level The witch can store moonlight in a small stone. Say they want to cast "Frost Ball" instead of "Fire Ball" because they are more fond of cold based attacks and not fire ones.Shagle is a free online video chat service, allowing you to meet new people instantly.We provide a fun and entertaining platform where you can meet real girls, guys and couples on webcam and establish genuine and lasting connections.Shagle provides a free online chat app which will allow you to talk to strangers around the world instantly.

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