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An Intro letter may be sent to you directly by the woman with the help of office staff based on your profile matching some or all of her parameters, however, it is entirely up to the discretion of the office as far as what is considered a possible match, it is possible that some intro letters may not be a good match.Keep in mind that this is just an intro letter as a show of possible interest and may very well be sent to multiple men.BUT, if you can afford it, their tours can be fun and possibly successful if you set your expectations realistically, avoid their "propaganda", and follow my advice on group tours.Preliminary Hint: "Unlimited Introductions" come with the tour package.Now if you think I'm being a little overly cynical and paranoid, get this: AFA ADMITS IT!!!That's right, A Foreign Affair ACTUALLY ADMITS that they write letters on behalf of the women! OK, maybe they don't COMPLETELY OPENLY admit it, but they do admit it behind some tricky, weaselly, slimy lawyer-talk... There are two types of letters - the letters in green are replies from women whom you have already written.Your airport pickup/drop-off at the Russian/Ukrainian airport, hotels, city-to-city ground transport (for multi-city tours), and the parties are all covered and pre-arranged.Obviously food, dates, ground transport within cities, and other entertainment are not covered.

That's a textbook description of how the worst pay-per-letter scams work.Or in the case of ongoing correspondence, you and "Natalia" are writing back and forth through the letter service.It's clearly presented as though Natalia is real, and sincere, and is communicating with you.From my personal experience with AFA, it has some good points and some bad points.I should start by pointing out that the "Group Tour" is the primary approach PUSHED by A Foreign Affair. If you call them they're going to talk you into the group tour.A Foreign Affair (AFA) is owned and operated out of Phoenix Arizona by three American men who found their wives in Russia.

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