Difference between rowediting rowupdating


This will cause the Grid View to enter in edit mode see below. We retrieve the new values using the Rows collection of the Grid View.Now add the following code in the Row Canceling Edit event handler. Note how the Cells and Controls collections are used.The following figure shows the Grid View after implementing paging.Implement Sorting Implementing sorting requires a bit of more work.By default this field renders a link button titled Edit.Once we click on edit the Grid View raises an event called Row Editing and the Edit link button changes to Update and Cancel link buttons. Close() End If End Sub Private Shared Sub On Row Updated( _ sender As Object, args As Sql Row Updated Event Args) If args.

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Sql Data Adapter cust Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM Customers", connection); // Add handlers. Row Updating = new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(On Row Updating); cust Adapter. Row Updated -= new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(On Row Updated); protected static void On Row Updating( object sender, Sql Row Updating Event Args args) protected static void On Row Updated( object sender, Sql Row Updated Event Args args) Add Handler adapter. Overflow Exception") Then ' Code to handle precision loss.

The Sorting event allows you to cancel the operation also.

The Sort Expression property supplies the sort expression that you specified earlier for the column being sorted.

The following My Sql Row Updating Event Args properties provide information specific to this event.

The Bind Grid method is our own function that we will create later on.

The method essentially binds the Grid View with a Data View.

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