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The time constraints and game clock seem to be run rather arbitrarily,vis-a-vis the game pacing and this show would simply NOT have any character without a genuinely affable persona like Woolery mastering the ceremonies.Even though I cannot consider myself a fan, I think it's a watchable enough show that I kinda hope its still going to be renewed(assuming that it hasn't been canceled)and that they continue to tweak the game formula,prizes and all.

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The first team to make lingo (five in a row) won the game and 0 plus all the prizes credited.

Also, if the winning team makes a lingo on the first ball in Bonus Lingo, they win a trip, worth about ,000.

If they get a lingo using 2 or more balls, they win ,000.

“In Nebraska they used to call me Casper—as in the friendly ghost—because I was so pale … She had roles in daytime dramas Sunset Beach, The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives before joining the Game Show Network’s Lingo.

Now a tan California girl, single and living in Los Angeles, she spends her free time rollerblading, hiking, running on the beach and snorkeling.

The winning team played a bonus round called No Lingo, so called because the object of the game was to not lingo and win a grand cash prize.

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