Devotional books for young dating couples


Jared Wilson has written a shelf of valuable books, but this one is his best yet. Few modern authors pastor my soul through prose better than Wilson. So how do we best mine out all the spiritual allusions in the intentionally de-religioned world of Middle-earth?

“For the sake of the cut-ups and the screw-ups, the tired and the torn-up, the weary and the wounded — how about we demystify discipleship? Discipleship is for the cut-ups and the screw-ups, the tired and the torn-up, the weary and the wounded. One way is to find the threefold offices of Christ in the mix of characters that point to Christ.

His egalitarian worldview emerges in places (especially when talking about household codes, which he sees as socially constructed, not originating in the Creator’s design).

But this message of the cultural distinctiveness of Christ’s followers is especially relevant for us today. For other notable works in historical studies, see Michael Kruger on the church’s identity struggle in the second century, and Brian Wright on the place of communal reading in the Greco-Roman world, and how the practice gave shape to the New Testament and fueled gospel spread.

This book would be a delightful way to invest a year of reflection.

We need more brave authors willing to jump into the present racial tensions and offer Christ-centered vision and hope for ethnic unity.

Assembling this list each year reminds me of the breadth of Christian content — the collection of writers and the diversity of genres that are serving the church today.

Writing Christian nonfiction is hard work, and it’s mostly not lucrative — so I remain grateful for the writers and the publishers and the editors and the designers who sacrificially labor behind each of these titles.

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Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen a swell of valuable books for the suffering and grieving — covering issues as broad as loneliness, depression, disability, chronic pain, terminal illness, raising special-needs kids, and the anguish of losing children.

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Female authors continue publishing new books at a swift pace, strong in 2014 and a little less prominent in 2015, but with more steam in 20.

Women are now a mainstay and growing proportion of Christian publishing. Once again, 2017 did not quite deliver biblical theology or commentaries like we saw in 2015, although we do continue to see solid contributions in two premier series: New Studies in Biblical Theology (IVP) and Short Studies in Biblical Theology (Crossway).

Christian publishing continues to deliver on aesthetics across the board, both on cover design and interior design, illustrated by projects like the ESV Illuminated Bible from Crossway and the beautiful Lost Sermons of C. Closer to home, God richly blessed desiring and Bethlehem College & Seminary with seven new titles in 2017: It was a strong year for books related to singleness, marriage, and dating.

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