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Should they succeed, Woke 2.0 might reappear in Mercia and the rest of the entire server will remain stale with their shitty NAPS. You could have still be in Mercia, having your fun, but you were too bored and greedy and just had to start poking to us, sending your ppl to gvg agains us, taking our territories that were accidently dropped because someone forgot to feed it and ofc, Derricks ego in twitch chat: "If I wanted, I could take whole Cumbria without a problem".

Well, you've tried and you are gonna pay the price.

OOPS was neutral for last couple months and also for couple months game content was dead on Mercia. Until Derrick decided to raid cumbria as his people begged for content (seeing 150vs150 fights between alone/poe).

So all of those who lost 1st war allied with previously neutral poe to finish both alone and oops alliances and now we have 2nd server war.

Also, being a douche makes everyone want to kill your character and topple the douchy alliance (or douchy leadership). You’re taking my typing here and in your head translating it to something that that it’s not.

In fact, I just Ctrl F this page and only three mentiones of the word "honor" popup, the one you just posted right above this reply, and the two in this reply I am typing right now. I’m glad you’re so moved that you felt to compound my “crap” with your “crap”.

POE is a coalition of cowards incapable of fighting on fair matched ground.

They pretend OOPS is the enemy but really just use it as propaganda to hide the fact that they were honestly just too weak to take what they want - Mercia.

1st war was TC(ALONE) vs Poe in cumbria and rest of woke (although tc was helping in open world) vs oops in Mercia.

OOPS won 1st war for Mercia (in january) which ended Exertion guild and WOKE alliance (since exe was leading whole alliance), so TC started ALONE and kept fighting Po E for Cumbria.

Today is big day since we switch back to 2Zv Zs a day(warcamps) so we will see how alliances play that out.

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