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), to handling boyfriends, to breaking up, to building your self-confidence, to handling tests, to building sexual tension... My good friends Rion and Will Hicks are all here, and more guys that you're going to hear more about in the future. What someone uses with success might lead to a complete disaster if you try it yourself.Better yet, print it out and wear out your highlighting pen as you try to figure out the first points that will help you the most as you get a whole new start on your new dating life. The Instant Attraction Program is a collection of techniques from 11 different authors - thus you get 11 different views and opinions on how to attract women.) selection of tips and techniques to the basic philosophy and psychological foundation of each of the respective systems of these seduction masters.As if that wasn’t enough, the bonuses that come with the Instant Attraction Program are what you would expect from a product put together by Simon Heong and given the size and scope of the “Instant Attraction Program”.It is something every guy will enjoy reading, and will save and use as a reference guide, referring back to it whenever he has a dating question.Hi Simon, I've seen just about every dating, romance and sex guide available on the internet.If you take learning to seduce women seriously, "Simon Heong has put together a masterpiece. to get the hottest women in the world literally BEGGING for your body.

This team of "Dating Gretzky's" are booked 4-6 months in advance with client work.

When I first started trying to meet women 24 years ago, there was nothing out there that could shorten my learning curve like that. Hi Simon, As a fellow publisher of the popular dating ebook, "How To Date An Asian Woman", I often get asked to review many up and coming dating books.

After taking a look at your new package it completely blew me away! This is not some read it once and forget it program.

But now that I've gone through the whole package and also read all the tips from all the other authors, I can whole-heartedly recommend it to both my own customers and really to anyone interested in either quickly getting into the game of successfully attracting women or increasing their already existing competence way beyond their wildest dreams.

Worst still, some unlucky, ‘mis-informed’ guys even go to the extent of forking out obscene amounts of money trying to show how “sincere” they are by buying women presents, bringing them to classy joints, etc only to HOPE to "get lucky".

"Success in attaining your goals in life and relationships begins with knowledge.

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