Dating your sister

You wanted him to know that you needed him more than anything.

"Zayn's coming over later, so you need to leave," your sister snapped, when you entered the living room.

You are now 17, so you have loved him for about 8 years.

Harry would probably never go for you seeing as you are the more awkward sibling. Whenever he came over you did your best to avoid him whenever he came over because you were afraid to embarrass yourself in front of him.

Niall always considered him as an older brother to you, but you always wanted him to be much more than that. They began chatting while you and your sister sneakily stole a bite out of Niall's cupcake and began giggling like a bunch of school girls.

Niall's friend must have heard the giggling because his eyes immediately landed on you. "So you must be her sister," his friend, Ben, said to you.

He walked down the driveway and you decided to stop him. You had always loved Louis as more than a friend or a "brother" but you never had the guts to tell him. They would take you out shopping with them, they would let you go to parties with them and it made you feel like you were their best friend as well. "Poor girl," you joked and Louis laughed nervously. " you asked even if you really didn't want to know.

He stepped forward to give you a hug and you nearly fainted right there. "Well, Louis has got some special plans for a special someone," your sister wiggled her eyebrows and winked, making Louis blush. Your sister and Louis exchanged a few looks and you stood there trying to understand what they were trying to mutely say to each other. Right now all you wanted to do was crawl into your room and cry under the covers.

"I'd much rather you buy me a new pair," his bad breath fanned your face and you winced slightly. "She spilled lemonade on my pants and she won't par for new ones," Jack whined."She's my best friend's sister," he said and you felt your heart drop to your stomach.You grabbed some books from your locker and slammed it shut before walking away from the two now very confused boys. You two never got along because she didn't care enough to try.It broke your heart that Zayn was getting played like this and you really wished you could do something to warn him without sounding like a jealous freak. You blinked a few times trying to register what had just happened and you stood frozen for what seems like hours.You left the house and went for a walk in the park. Louis : You heard the doorbell ring and you immediately ran down to answer it.You read for a few hours and decided it was safe to go back home. He ran a hand through his styled hair and grunted, "Everybody always wants something from me. You flung the door open and you were greeted by Louis, your sister's best friend.

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