Dating workaholic women

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My wife got a new job as a college professor and now all she does is work.

Here are some key differences between hard workers and workaholics: An interesting way of understanding the difference between hard workers and workaholics is found in the research of E. Barbara Woods is Executive Director of Casa Palmera, an organization providing psychological and medical help to men, women and their family members suffering from addictions and behavioral health disorders in San Diego.Workaholics should not be confused with people who are simply hard workers, love their jobs and go the extra mile to finish a project.By contrast, a workaholic is someone who constantly thinks about work, and without work feels anxious and depressed. Morris, who argue that what we typically call a workaholic, with its negative connotations, may more correctly be understood when we look at that person’s motivation to work.Barbara simply is one of those fortunate people who works hard because she truly loves her job.Do you find yourself pulling too many late nights and coming into work on the weekends?I do find it disturbing that you are not very understanding. From the Original Poster: Thanks for the many interesting responses so far. * My wife generally works 12 hours a day seven days a week and while there is a break between terms she also teaches in the summer and spends time between sessions preparing for the next term, so she is just as busy when classes are not on.

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