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Detection initially created: Definition: 1.91.391.0 Released: Sep 30, 2010 Informatica How to inject Java Script code Persistent XSS • Owning HTTP Servers Network Man In the middle attacks Wi Fi • ARP Spoofing IPv6 Memcache attacks • Imagination Informatica Framework to own bowser's cache - Inject a javascript in each client - That java Script loads payloads from C&C - Very Well-Known Informatica to create a Java Script Botnet from the scratch Informatica Nodes Informatica Nodes Guardar Todo Guardar la seleccion Copiar Seleccionar Todos Buscar Borrar Preferencias Avuda Cerrar Advanced ■ Horn Tipo Mensaje A octoen .171 Notice Opening Directory listener on octoe 11 .171 Notice Opening Socks listener on oct 06 11 .171 Notice Opening Control listener on oct 06 11 .282 Notice Parsing GEOIP file. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity, (Running on Very recent version of Windows [major=6,minor=l] [workstation] ; system ( "cat /etc/sguid/pasarela. js"} ; print w http : //127 .0.0.1: 80/tmp/Spid-Scount . (cadena) ; }, false); } ■ Informatica •"$"•$ is using this kind of services? 12/01/11 KE □ £ t [email protected] BRITISH IMMIGRATION LAWYER'S BOARD OF DIRECTOR 11/23/11 104 KE □ i ; (r [email protected] BRITISH IMMIGRATION LAWYER'S BOARD OF DIRECTOR 10/08/11 103 KB □ | i [email protected] BRITISH IMMIGRATION LAWYER'S BOARD OF DIRECTOR 09/22/11 104 KE □ 4 r » wa si m_butt9 [email protected] BRITISH IMMIGRATION LAWYER'S BOARD OF DIRECTOR 09/20/11 103 KE □ MUHAMMAD YASIR GENTLY UNDERSTAND THAT WE CAN NOT PROCESS YOUR REQUEST WITHOUT 195 FEE 09/19/11 2 KE □ _ r » MUHAMMAD YASIR FROM BRITISH IMMIGRATION LAWYER'S BOARD OF DIRECTOR 09/19/11 102 j^j 09/01/11 AM □ Less info » 4* ffi To: [email protected] Sir I respected your kindly information for me about that job.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

Owning "bad" guys with Javascript botnets Chema Alonso & Manu "The Sur" Informatica do a botnet but We are lazy We haven't money We haven't Oday We aren't the FBI We aren't either: Google • Apple Microsoft Informatica them to be infected Informatica Man in the Middle schemas ■ Evil FOCA - File Jr* Configuration ^ About Network B -^JV Neighbors B - » 001 E3CB38B D F Pwned! co m J Start Attack type DNSHijacking Neighbored vertiseme . Domain: * Resolve as: Target 1 : fe SO: :e 1 03f 04e :d71 1 (8) Target 2: fe80: :2cS4: 1 a2b f 6ab l3) Spoofs: 56 Active □ 3 3 ► Time Module Message 17: 17 Neighbor Spoofing Newneighbordetectedwith OOl B33560AS3 as physical address Neighbor Spoofing Performing a MITM (Neighbor spoofing} attack between fe S0::e103f04e:d71 1 and fe S0::2c5...

Network ARP Spoofing Rogue DHCP(6) ICMPv6 Sppofing • SLAAC Attacks DNS Spoofing • • • Evil FOCA Rulez! 17: 13 Network Discovery Sending neighbor discovery packets 17: 19 Network Discovery Sending neighbor discovery packets Network Discover/ Sending neighbor discover/ packets Network Discovery Sending neighbor discovery packets Network Discovery Sending neighbor discovery packets □ nrormatica in the Browser Plugins BHO Addons Access to all data Passwords • Code Banking trojans "A russian in my IE" j XML_Troyano_Banco,xml: Bloc de notas Archive Edicion Form a to Ver Ayuda f j Informatica Script in the Middle • Poisoning Browser cache • No permanent • Deleting cache means infection cleaned Cached content is used if not expired • Allows attackers to inject remote javascript • Access to: Cookies Not HTTPOnly (more or less) • HTML Code Form fields • URLs Code execution • • • Informatica Google Analytics js &malware Trojan JS/Redirector. ) Encyclopedia entry Published: Sep 30, 2010 Aliases Not available Alert Level (?

We can not send you money through Western or Bank : Because our government can not give us to permission.

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