Dating ultrasound too early plus size women guide to dating


I had a sizeable bump at 12wks and this is my 2nd pregnancy too.Most scans are pretty accurate and it is normal to have symtoms earlier in 2nd pregnancies.If it does not show continued development of the pregnancy and there's still no visible yolk sac, your doctor will diagnose a miscarriage.You won't always have to wait to know for sure, however.

When a doctor suspects incorrect gestational age in a woman who was believed to be around six weeks pregnant but has no yolk sac, she'll usually recommend doing another ultrasound in a week or two.When an ultrasound takes place around six weeks gestation, one of the things the doctor and technician look for is a yolk sac.When this structure doesn't appear to be there, it could mean that the pregnancy isn't viable—in other words, a miscarriage has occurred. If you're newly pregnant and the yolk sac isn't visible on your six-week ultrasound, it may simply mean you aren't as far along as you thought.If this happens to you, you may be given the choice of letting nature take its course or to having a procedure called dilation and curettage (D&C).A D&C involves dilating the cervix to create an opening for a thin surgical instrument to remove tissue from the uterus.Sometimes, if the gestational sac is a certain size (25 mm or more) on the first ultrasound and there is no yolk sac or embryo, your doctor will be able to diagnose a miscarriage right away.

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