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She can express herself without fear of being feminized or needing to overcompensate her masculinity.Perhaps fully transitioning to male would make you feel more free to express yourself, since everyone around you would accept your role as the "man" more often.I don't know if I have specific features, I suppose killer bone structure but to be honest who doesn't like that??Oh wait, what the other commenter said below: They can come in all body-types and appearances but the ones I seem to find pretty are skinny/lanky/tall (although not always), and lacking in secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, facial hair, etc.)I'm NB and pan.I’ve jokingly said before that being in a relationship with a genderqueer is all the fun of being a lesbian without having to give up any of the perks of being straight. I was never satisfied when I dated men, but I always hesitated to date girls because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with someone like me.Then I met my partner, and I realized I didn’t have to choose. Being free to play different roles in a relationship is a lot of fun and since I've started doing so with my SO I feel I understand myself a lot more and I've never been happier. So much of that really clicked with me - I think you perfectly explained a lot of things I really didn't understand until you said them. I'm born female, gender-queer, really identify more as a gay male, and much like you said, I've always felt this 'sameness' with males that goes beyond attraction to just basic the role, I have been vaguely pondering transitioning to male some day in the future, and that aspect would be so lovely - not being the girl by default, at all times, but having a more equal relationship where roles are somewhat fluid - that would be lovely :-/Yeah, I see what you mean.

Because we live in a binary society and it is impossible to tell if a person is non-binary without asking them. The only quasi-reliable visible marker of non-binaryness is androgyny.After all, it's based on the male/female binary, but if I'm not either, does it make me straight or gay to like (1) male people, (2) female people, (3) other nonbinary people??TIL a word that describes me a tad better than pan.I have a really supportive family and group of friends so everyone has reacted well.As for people I find attractive, I'm finding that I'm not nearly as attracted to others since entering a relationship with me SO, but not long before we got together I drooled over this image. While my sexuality (as far as who I actually choose to date) is a little more specific, I admire anyone - male or female, cis or trans* - who plays with gender in any way. I was especially intrigued by this link someone posted here a while ago. For me, it’s all about the correlation between raw attraction and companionship.We have the same bodies, same hormones, same thoughts, same reactions, etc. But as a feminine ciswoman, I’m looking for a more masculine partner to have a companionship with. And I want someone who wants to be the “guy.” I guess I like the idea of male/female roles, but I don’t like being stuck in those roles.

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