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According to the name of the questioner and I realized it after typing in my answer? Find someone who would treat you the best, so that you don't have to be so angry.

With that being said, people do get annoyed when a person of other race is dating their race of woman. So, it is normal for you to get a little annoyed but it is what it is and deal with it. Go get yourself a girlfriend and she doesn't have to be Asian.

She may keep you busy that you don't even have to worry about something you can't control. Because no matter how much you get angry there are plenty of women just waiting for your love. Go get yourself a nice girlfriend and you will be fine.

I can tell you this because an ex girlfriend of mine, a Chinese woman decided to dump me in good term but she went out with a white guy which I found out later that she was talking to him behind my back.

And it wasn't even once but a few times I had to deal with some dudes trying to steal ex girlfriends which was annoying. Find someone who would treat you the best and keep yourself busy so that you don't have to be angry.

Moving on…Here’s the rub: East Asian guys were not attracted to me. Not under any normal social circumstances - not at college, not hanging out at mutual friends’ homes.

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