Dating rituals in other countries


Marriage in Algeria is taken very seriously and is considered by most as a sign of maturity.

According to the Qur'an, marriage must be based upon love.

Couples will get "couple accessories" such as matching t-shirts (or complimentary ones), matching/complimentary key chains, phone cases, entire outfits, etc.

These are used in public rather than a private display. Along with Valentines day, there is White day, which is when women give men chocolates and gifts. A month later on April 14, Black day is celebrated (unofficially) where anyone who is single can wallow in their own self pity and eat Jajangmyeon, which is a type of black bean noodle dish.

As I have only studied South Korea from the seat of my desk here in Ohio, I may be completely wrong on this.

In South Korea, it seems as though couples are very into showing publicly that they are dating.

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The roundabout was developed by Brits, and in the past, locals have camped out to save roundabouts from demolition because they love them so dearly. These are customs we've heard and read about; if you know of others or have experienced anything different, sound off in comments below.Depending on where you are these traditions from around the world may appear a little strange, but to others they are part of their history and heritage, Here’s a list of the most unusual.You may already know some of them, but all of them are very fascinating and give you an insight in to other peoples cultures and traditions.Naturally, Angolan weddings and traditional marriage practices will and do vary from tribe to tribe and culture to culture.Read More Argentina is a great country of mixed heritage, influences and some vibrant and varied customs.Although some couples might wear or buy things like this in the U.

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