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When determining the "best interest" of the child, the court will consider various factors including, the wishes of the parents, the wishes of the child, the relationship and interaction of the child with the parents, siblings, and any other person who might significantly affect the child's best interests.The court will also consider factors such as the child's adjustment to his or her home, school, and community, the mental and physical health of all individuals involved, and information, records, and evidence of domestic violence and drug abuse. Child safety issues are of particular importance and can be a decisive factor in any custody. Make sure you discuss any child safety concerns that may exist as earlier as possible with your attorney.You can learn more about child support, how to apply for it, and view the current child support guidelines at KRS 403.213 also sets the criteria for modification of Child Support orders.It includes real property such as buildings and land, and personal property such as cash, bank accounts, financial instruments, stocks, furniture, jewelry, automobiles, etc.Your retirement accounts and interests in other properties, companies, or ventures may also subject to division. "Non-Martial" Property Marital property generally includes property acquired during marriage, was given to both parties as a gift, or inherited by both parties together.Kentucky has child support guidelines courts use to decide how much to set for each parent's obligation.

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Dividing Debts Many of my clients incorrectly assume that as long as a debt is not in their name, it is not theirs and cannot come back to haunt them.If the parties have children together, there must also be an arrangement for custody, parenting time/visitation, and child support. If the parties cannot agree upon terms in a separation agreement, the court will make those determinations at trial. litigants (parties who choose to proceed without attorneys) are held to the same standard as an attorney when trying their case and can often find it difficult to navigate their way through the proceedings.Property is anything you own or in which you have a vested interest.However, a court may give one spouse a disproportionate share of the marital property after it considers the facts of the particular case.The court will consider factors such as each spouse's income, spousal maintenance, and non-marital property, who contributed to the marital property, which spouse will stay in the marital home, if there are children, and if a spouse improperly destroyed or wasted marital property. In most cases, property or debts acquired after the date of separation belong to the person who incurred or acquired it.In the first year following a child support order, parties can ask the court to change the amount awarded if there is a 25% change in the amount that would be due based on the parties' change of circumstances.

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