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In fact, the young women have rarely seen their families since they were freed from Boko Haram.The longest period they have spent with their parents, siblings and other relatives since their abduction in 2014 was over Christmas last year, when they went home for a couple of weeks. “As I began to read each name, my resolve strengthened,” says Oby Ezekwesili, a former education minister who led protests. These were real human beings.” Far away in the United States, France, South Korea and elsewhere, public figures and celebrities joined the cause. For years, the teenagers remained missing, changing from girls into women, lost to a band of extremists known for beating, raping and enslaving its captives. And the list became an inspiration for protesters hundreds of miles away in the capital, who kept marching for the girls’ return, day after day.

Nearly four years after they were abducted and dragged off to a forest hideout, more than 100 of the students from Chibok now live on a pristine university campus four hours from their homes here in north-eastern Nigeria, their days filled with maths and English classes, karaoke and selfies, and movie nights with popcorn.

Weeks before the Chibok kidnapping, a group of young boys were burnt alive in their own school, a tragedy that failed to resonate around the world in the same way as the mass abduction of the schoolgirls. Teenage students from a village school suddenly became the unwitting representatives of all the dead and missing victims of a crisis that has upended a poor, remote corner of the globe.

The vast majority of Boko Haram’s victims will remain anonymous and unaccounted for, their names never broadcast across the globe. They became the daughters of Nigeria, and more broadly daughters of the whole world, embraced and fretted over as if they belonged to everyone.

And though some of the women gave birth during their captivity, their children are not allowed to stay with them at the university.

Administrators say that would distract from their studies.

This revelation came to light after budding musician Kimora Nelson accused Tiwa Savage of throwing herself cheaply around Star Boy Wizkid.

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