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He oversaw the construction of the Quantico Marine Base Severe Off-Road Track, and vehicle testing on the Rubicon Trail aiding in product development for Jeep products for the past 13 years.

Most notably in the past couple of years, Pearse led the JJUSA team that spent 45-days in Brazil installing a permanent off-road test/demonstration course for Jeep’s South American plant in Pernambuco.

Having begun his off-roading career with Jeep Jamboree USA (JJUSA) as a special events coordinator, Pearse’s experience with Camp Jeep events led to his leadership in their company and the growth and offerings.

Throughout his tenure with MASOR and JJUSA, Pearse has overseen the logistical coordination of the Rubicon Trail operations annually, moving 65,000 lbs of supplies via helicopter each season to set up complete camp accommodations.

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