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I literally got about 70-100 likes in about a 3 day stretch.

Still though I've had amazing luck here in the Davis/Sac area.

There's no good way to get to my college without a car and I'm dreading having to scrounge enough money to buy one by fall. Btw, I definitely have a thing for Jewish girls too I've just moved here from the Bay Area and it's terrible.

Oh yeah well the OC is fascist Republican land so it's no wonder. Everyone is a flake and nobody wants to make any effort unless there's something in it for them.

Probably because I live outside the city, LA blends together as one area that's too big to ignore so I just deal with whatever logistical problems it presents because I care more about finding someone I connect with.There's nothing worse than talking to a really cool person and then finding out that they live 45 minutes away with traffic.:(I live in OC and have nothing else to really compare it to but I've met up with dudes in LA. West side, Echo Park/Silverlake, doesn't matter, just leave kinda after 7.It's definitely about population density on almost a neighborhood level. Going there in the evening, could be an hour long commute.Davis and Sac have such a great gender imbalance tipping towards women that I imagine it would be excellent for dating as a guy. A couple years ago I dated someone who lived about 40 miles away.I haven't really dealt with dating outside LA, when I lived somewhere else it was college. He had messaged me first and was from another state originally where there wasn't really traffic like this so he didn't realize what that distance meant.

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