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The marked feature of a sickle cell patient is numerous crisis periods, characterized with severe pain as a result of acute and chronic health issues.

In cases where management is poor, death may occur earlier than expected.

The dead cells then form clumps which may obstruct blood flow by cleaving to the walls of blood vessels.

By cumulative effect, all these may lead to a reduced flow of blood to major body organs and their subsequent damage.

How To Manage Sickle Cell Crisis Usually, proper management may help see the individual live up to middle age.

Bone marrow transplant seems a potential cure but it is quite complicated and life-threatening.

This is so since genes for traits are inherited from both parents.

An explanation for this is that, if two persons who are carriers of the trait produce offspring, there would be a definite passing of the abnormal gene from both parents to at least one of the offspring.

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The sickle cell has a rigid structure and is not elastic as the normal red blood cell, thus affecting its function and passage through narrow capillaries.Consequences of Two Carriers Getting Married Doctors and good counsellors would often discuss the dangers of two individuals who have carrier traits getting married(read more on the importance of knowing your genotype and blood group before marriage here ).This is still about the best preventive measure to avoid producing offspring that would suffer the disease.The Genetic compositions determine and are responsible for our general appearance, behaviour and characteristics.They are hereditary, thus, carried on from parents to their offspring which are either dominant or recessive across generations.Analysis has shown that most death from sickle cell anaemia is found in children and very young adults.

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