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You can enjoy sunset views, tasting platters of local cuisine, and informative guidance on the natural and man-made attractions you’ll see during the cruise.It’s a beautiful, popular way to get to know the marine charms of the city.“Coolies” were contracted to work in the goldfields and build railways; by the end of the 19th century, the Chinese population of the Territory was approximately six thousand.Currently, the Chinese population of Darwin sits at around 3,500 people, and Chinese Temple and Museum Chung Wah is one of the thriving focal points of the community.

It’s also the home of a sea turtle conservation program, and to 1% of the world’s population of great knots.The Northern Territory has a fascinating indigenous history, and there’s plenty of ways to learn about it: in particular, galleries such as the Aboriginal Bush Traders, Outstation Gallery and Mbantua Fine Art Gallery are well worth a visit for art lovers, and you can enjoy excellent indigenous cultural tours at the Pudakul Aboriginal Culture tours, just under an hours’ drive from Darwin.Darwin is a cosmopolitan city, with a substantial Chinese population that at one point (the 1870s) even outnumbered its European population.) wrestling crocodiles, NT is the first place that would come to mind for most Australians, as well as anyone who remembers Crocodile Dundee.Because of the high prevalence of crocodiles in the waters around Darwin, there’s even beaches that aren’t safe to swim in, and checking those waters for a croc to wrestle might win you a Darwin Award (for silly ways to die; named after the famed anthropologist, not the Australian city!There’s also Crocodylus Park, which was founded by a crocodile biologist.

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