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The work begins with trials in 149 BC and ends with trials in 50 BC.

The reason for the latter date is fairly obvious; Caesar&apostr;s crossing of the Rubicon, and the ensuing civil war, marked the end of normal functioning of Republican institutions, even if they had already begun to break down in the 50s.

I have used generic indexing even where we do know the name of the statute for the benefit of readers who wish to study a particular type of crime.

I should add that, if I were to follow the view which I expressed in Alexander (1982) in its most extreme form, I would not have included, in the case of trials before for having allegedly stolen a vase.’ For some trials, I include a category of ‘other’ to include material which pertains to the formal aspects of the trial, but which does not appear regularly enough to justify its own rubric.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the support, financial and other, which I have received from various sources in working on this project.

In 1981 I received a grant from the American Philosophical Society to complete research on this book, and in 1988 a publication subvention from the Campus Research Board of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As I have worked on this project in the years following, I have realized how much I owe to him.

Whether this work accomplishes that goal as successfully as Broughton&apostr;s has done, and whether the subject matter here is of as encompassing an interest and importance as that which has provided to scholars, I will be well satisfied.

The following types of data are recorded for each trial when it is available, although in virtually all cases some of these categories are not represented because of a lack of information: is used, e.g., Tullius [29], M.

In those instances where I have an original contribution to put forward, I have expressed it as concisely as possible, but normally I simply cite publications of other scholars (or occasionally my own) as the places to find discussion of these points, and summarize the views very briefly.

I also cite publications which are relevant either to the trial as a whole or to aspects of it at the bottom of the listing for that trial.

Admittedly, the date 149 has little importance for civil law, but since most of the trials listed here are criminal, it seemed appropriate to use this date as the beginning of the period which the book covers.

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