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It’s relatively easy in a nightclub to go up to a woman and ask or gesture for them to dance.And you should try to get her Whats App number if you can and contact her the next day to actually speak around a coffee or something.And many would also say that Medellín is a great city to find beautiful women in Colombia. Dating a Latina for me is quite different because they have an intensity…in their look, in their way of dancing, of caring, of loving.

This app is ubiquitous with Medellín women, almost all women have it.Penetrating these groups can be difficult and you will need some Spanish.But you can also learn to dance and you can ask them to dance.🙂 Colombian women are beautiful – they know it and they’re used to getting attention.If you’d like to check it out, head to Parque Lleras on a Friday or Saturday night, and just walk around.You can find teachers in some cafes around Parque Lleras, already giving classes to foreigners.

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