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This paper describes the service at the University of Canterbury (NZ), our reasons for offering it, the process of implementation and preliminary results. From Ask Wendt Live to Question Point : A Chronology of the Development of a Persistently Virtual Reference Product and Service. The project progressed from an idea, to a beta/pilot, and finally to a fullfledged multi-library service.

Traces the development of a virtual reference service designed to support a university's extensive and growing digital collections.

This fact sheet offers a selection of articles, web resources, and some vendor information that will provide an introduction to the issues to consider when considering implementing virtual reference services. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, and the companies/products are named only for informational purposes.

The American Library Association cannot make specific product recommendations. Discusses how the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries has dealt with four areas common to developing virtual reference services: getting too many patrons at once, problem patrons, training and quality assessment, and expanding and improving the service. Association of Virtual Worlds to virtual worlds, social networks, social games, 3D, and virtual commerce.

Virtual Reference Companion: A Guide for VR Coordinators and Librarians The Reference & User Services Association (RUSA), a division the the American Library Association, has designed this for anyone who works with or manages a virtual reference program. The purpose of this manual is to provide libraries with practical tools and methods for evaluation, recommendations for implementation, and examples of ways that libraries have improved services through analysis of these and similar instruments.

Rather, the focus is on process, from understanding what live virtual reference is to implementing the service, including planning, staffing, training, marketing, and evaluation. Chat Reference: A Guide to Live Virtual Reference Services. Designed as a guide for individuals thinking about setting up virtual reference services, this book offers practical advice and information, with an emphasis on academic libraries. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2008. Exploration of administrative issues through the lens of the Kano Model and discussion of balancing customer service with the limited resources available to academic libraries introducing a new service.

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) Virtual Reference Project: Service Policies and Guidelines Libref-L This list serv provides a moderated discussion of issues related to reference librarianship, including, but not limited to virtual reference. Group discusses live reference services for librarians Bridgewater, Rachel, and Meryl B. This book includes an overview of many questions that need to be answered when providing real-time, online reference service. The handbook shows how to adapt traditional face-to-face reference interview skills to the virtual interview—and how to interpret and use new cues (chat slang, IM shorthand, emoticons, etc.) to better serve your users. The Evaluation of Worldwide Digital Reference Services in Libraries. The book is based on an international collaborative project between two groups from German and Chinese institutions, during which digital reference services provided by nearly 200 libraries all over the world were evaluated. Virtual Reference Service: From Competencies to Assessment. This collection shares experts' best practices, forward looking models, and advice on new developments in virtual reference. This article focuses on virtual reference librarianship and the public library user, exploring the advantages of virtual reference in a public library setting as well as describing virtual reference service and virtual users.

The book also examines the reasons for the resulting differences; it also contains more generic proposals and perspectives on digital reference services. Chapter authors discuss the building of consortia, motivational and coaching techniques for staff, instant messaging options, creation of subject-specific taxonomies, interpersonal communications improvement, methods of assessment, and more. A resource to aid in the decision whether to launch a reference service into cyberspace, and provides hints on selecting appropriate software. Virtually Seamless - Exploring the World of Virtual Public Librarians.

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A special section of the book introduces the all-new core competencies and standards of the Digital Reference Education Initiative an IMLS-funded project to compile training tools from digital reference educators and practitioners. Also provided is a checklist of skills for virtual reference, tips on basic chat etiquette, and advice on adjusting library policies in light of a new service. This article examines how librarians are struggling to redefine, and in some cases eliminate, the venerable institution of reference desk services and it explores the new ways in which reference questions get answered at university libraries.

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