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This company was formed from the merger of Boosey & Co. The former began life as a bookstore founded by Thomas Boosey in the 18th century.

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I believe that, while exact dates may never be able to be accurately verified for a specific serial number, the general progression of these lists is defensible and represents Reynolds instruments through the company’s history.

Elkart instruments have also been very good until the late 1980s.

Sadly, the previously high standard of quality control declined in the 1990s - there have been complaints of instances of shoddy workmanship.

The resulting profusion of brands and models have been rationalised over the years, and today, B&H brass instruments are principally produced under the Besson brand name.

Strangely enough, despite the early diversity of brands and models, B&H apparently did not possess a large bore (ie 0.547) tenor in its range until around the mid-1950s.

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