Anonymous speed dating

Bisexuals make up a decent percentage of event attendance (20-50%, depending on event), and they are joined by a smattering of transgender, lesbian, and gay folks.Holding a speed dating event where men only talked to women would be way too limiting for this crowd.You can see my girlfriend Debby’s chronicle of her speed dating experience at the second event here, or Luke’s report of the first event here.As it turns out, running poly speed dating takes more than one or even two people.Our first event attracted fifty people to a pizzeria in Berkeley.The second event was attended by ninety people, and we completely stuffed the pizzeria, including their banquet room.

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Mainstream speed dating pairs men and women up for quick “dates” that last from two to five minutes.Instead of just rotating the men or women, we needed to create a schedule where people generally met with the gender(s) they were interested in.This is a very hard problem to solve, and cannot be done by just sitting down with a pencil and paper.For poly speed dating, we had to expand on this concept.First off, the organized polyamory community in our area has a lot of queer folks.The computer program would do a first pass where it checked each particular dating unit (single, couple, group) versus every other dating unit to see if they were compatible.

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