Angeleyes cam


After Ana died she went to heaven and talked to This book was really good. In the end Ana killed Daemon and along with that killed Tristan. Taylor, Ana's best friend died during a vampire attack.

After Ana killed Daemon, all the vampires died and then Lea cam and stabbed Ana in the abdomin and she died in Darren's arms.

She watches over Darren and his life, she watches him and his crazy years with the girls only to find that her best friend Taylor is the one that ends up taking him and they marry and fall madly in love.

She watches over them their whole lives and is moves in with Darren after Taylor dies at age 60 something. Score he dies he tells her that he knows she is an angel and all that.

I would have been happy just knowing that she died after achieving her destiny.

I was definitely not expecting the whole Taylor/darren thing.

After Ana died she went to heaven and talked to God.

She told him she was sorry and he forgave her saying that was all she wanted.

Ana, Tristan, Darren, London, etc will always have a soft spot in my heart!!!I wrapped his arms around me and pulled him onto my lips, kissing him deepl I thought the outcome of the book was good.The only issue I have with the ending is it left me without the closure I needed. ******I needed more of a response from Ana than what she gave Tristan for me to feel the story was over and they would be happy.My opinion on the ending...(view spoiler)I would have given the end to this series 5 stars if the author would have given us just *1* more page of a conclusion! You can tell that you love a series when your heartaches for the characters!I don't think that I'll forget this series anytime soon.Why couldn't they have just let her die and that be the end of it?

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