American pottery dinnerware design dating

Founder Francis Staub designed his first enameled pot while working in an old French artillery factory in 1974.

He combined cast iron, the most popular cookware at the time, with the latest enamel technology available.

Today’s cream separators have not changed much from this design.

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I have no clue as to what it is or what it was used for.

It says “International Mc Cormick Deering” on the side.

Today, artisans continue to create porcelain that meets the exacting standards of the world's most discerning clientele: French chefs.

The de Buyer family has been making cookware in the French town of Val-d’Ajol since 1830.

Originally, the family-owned company used iron ore extracted from the region to make pots and cauldrons for cooking over a live fire.

Any help you can give me on identification, use and price would be greatly appreciated.

A: You have a cream separator, which would have been used on a farm to separate the cream from the milk.

Your machine is hand cranked but there was also an electric model.

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