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Scan the coastline for colonies of sea lions on the beaches and wild birds gliding along the cliffs.

Today, discover Santa Fe Island, boarding a dinghy for a brief ride to its idyllic sandy-white beaches.

Walk the onshore terrain, keeping a lookout for wild residents — a curious sea lion coming to greet you, a Galápagos hawk perched atop salt bushes or a Santa Fe land iguana sunning itself on a rock.

Then, snorkel and swim along a natural wave barrier or ride in a glass-bottom boat, for a cool glimpse into life beneath the waves.

Next, transfer to the edge of the city for an awesome ride on Teleferi Qo, an aerial gondola offering breathtaking views over Quito.

The gondola deposits you at the top of an active volcano, 12,950 feet above sea level, where you take in marvelous vistas of the area, before descending the mountain for lunch.

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There are thousands of guys online waiting to connect with you for fun gay video chat.Later, explore Eden Islet, with an opportunity to snorkel and explore by Land at the eastern tip of San Cristobal Island this morning and set out on a trail that ascends from the beach to a lookout offering you spectacular shoreline views.Observe frigate birds and a colony of bachelor sea lions, and, if conditions are favorable, swim from the beach and snorkel.Cruise Gardner Bay and go ashore for a short walk to observe the sea lions, mockingbirds and finches. 100% of the program price Cancellations must be received in writing.Later, proceed to Genovesa Island to explore Darwin Bay and climb Prince Phillip’s Steps, following a trail across the island to view Nazca boobies, storm petrels and frigate birds. Additional terms and fees apply to Internal Air, Extra Services and Partial Room cancellations.Disembark on Santa Cruz Island to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and learn about the captive rearing program for the giant tortoises. Please refer to full Terms & Conditions for specifics.

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