A geeks guide to dating aewebworks dating


Dec 16, Amanda rated it it was ok My boyfriend bought this for me from Think Geek after many dropped hints. Inouye claims that she is "geekier" than other girls, but for some reason this book is FULL of grammatical errors and typos. I know not everyone can spell, but for goodness sake, everyone can proofread, or get someone else to do it for them!Secondly, the bulk of this book is She completely debas My boyfriend bought this for me from Think Geek after many dropped hints.Looking at ratings on Amazon, they are extremely polarized -- half and half 1 star and 5 star ratings. I am giving it two stars, because it's a great concept, just horrible execution.May 05, innae rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I especially enjoyed the cards at the end -- so funny.As someone who has been dating a geek for the last five years, I have often read how-to articles and so forth online that are similar to the idea of this book -- good-naturedly teasing geeky guys and giving women tips for living with them.

For a good book into geekdom I would recommend a rather funny one that doesn't drag everything trough the mudd and portrays geeks healthier.The curves are either too simplified or have no relevance and proposition whatsoever.Excluding the fact of m Offensive and horribly wrong. For example the color wheel paragraph Wardrobe from Newton has not the purpose of complementary colors.And she is constantly referring to geeky guys as "ugly.There's no picture of her in her bio I wonder what SHE looks like.Despite the humor of this guide, it was written in a very technical style which forced me to reread some paragraphs again.

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