100 dating woman


Despite what most men think, not all women want to hear about how lovely their body parts are.

They want to know you like the total package, not just the individual components.

#83 You’re cute, pretty, and beautiful all wrapped into one. #94 You amaze me in different ways each and every day. #98 I would say you are hot, but that wouldn’t cover it.

#84 You still take my breath away after all of these years. #99 If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have happiness.

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Sophisticated algorithms calculate how much interest the lady receives and creates a rating of top girls for today.

#35 When I look into your eyes, it is like I can see my heart reflected back. #39 Sometimes I just can’t stop staring at your beautiful face. #45 There isn’t anyone else I would rather be with. [Read: 15 cute things to text your girl when you miss her] #52 Your smile makes me smile. #54 How about we take this thing to the next level? #58 My day isn’t right if it doesn’t start with you.

#46 If I had to do it all over again, I would choose you every time. #55 I thought I’d stay single forever, you changed all that. #59 Counting the seconds until I feel your lips on mine. #61 There isn’t a thing about you that I don’t love. without words] #62 I thought I was in love before, but now I know what is real, you and me.

There is a supreme difference between what a woman wants to hear and what she doesn’t.

A fine line to walk, if you come on too strong, you will be labeled cheesy.

She wants to know you think she is beautiful, not just her boobs. #17 I’m not a romantic, but because of you I believe in fate.

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